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Player Profile for Dave Greetham (Big Dave)

The Welsh monk Nennius, writing in the eighth century, told us that when Brutus arrived in Britain after the battle of Troy it was full of giants and, feeling a bit peeved about Achilles, Hector and “Horsegate” (as it came to be known), he took bullying revenge on them and killed them all. Nennius was clearly mistaken, as one giant still lives, and he ply’s his trade at East Meon CC.

Dave summoning his “hitting bat” is a sight to bring fear to the heart of any bowler. There he stands, wielding a mighty plank the rest of us can barely shift, and with biceps bulging and arse projecting he wallops balls to orbit. Despite this, he actually won his baggy green for the club with a bowling display and more often than not the stumps simply self-combust, so feared are they of being struck, or the batsmen run screaming from the crease in terror as Dave begins his run-up several counties away.

Off the field he is the nicest, gentlest, friendliest person I know, which just goes to show what an arsehole Brutus was. I’m glad he lost at Troy.

Batting average from 2013 to 2018 (6 Seasons)

Innings No. Times Not Out Runs Scored Highest Score Average
255690103 (2015)34.5

Bowling average from 2013 to 2018 (6 Seasons)

No. Overs Bowled Maidens Runs Conceded Wickets Economy Average

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