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Player Profile for Geof Blackman (Bash / The Oracle)

Geoffrey Blackman (Bash) is the last surviving villager to be born during the reign of Queen Victoria.

On 1st July 1916, as the whistles sounded along the British Lines on the Somme, he went over the top with the Hampshire Pals Brigade. To this day the sound of a whistle sends Bash into a mad panic, as he attempts to scramble over whatever obstacle confronts him.

During the Second World War Squadron Leader Blackman, in his Spitfire (Lucky Lynn), again faced the Hun in the crowded skies above Southern England. With many kills to his name Bash received both the VC and The Croix de guerre. Little is known of Bash?s record post the Battle of Britain, or indeed in the post war years, due to the incredibly top secret nature. Some say that it was Bash in the bunker in Berlin that pulled the trigger others that he personally prevented the invasion of the Bay of Pigs. All that is known for sure is the years of driving the yellow Council lorries was merely a front for his secretive state work.

Bash has been playing cricket for East Meon for over a century. The man was born bowling the perfect line and length and continues to do so in the twilight of his career.

Such is the ability of the man that in 2015 he was rightly recognised as the Player of the Season.

Bash?s wife Lynn was far more than a WAG or a Tea Lady, she was ?our? WAG and ?our? Tea Lady. She was the most amazing Lady, warm and friendly, and instrumental in the club?s drive to fun raise for the Rosemary Foundation, a just cause indeed.

Bash is a smashing old bugger, loved by all. Bash is East Meon Cricket Club.

We salute you Bash. X

Please note that some artistic licence was used in the drafting of this player profile.

Batting average from 2007 to 2019 (13 Seasons)

Innings No. Times Not Out Runs Scored Highest Score Average
3111217 (2013)1.1

Bowling average from 2007 to 2019 (13 Seasons)

No. Overs Bowled Maidens Runs Conceded Wickets Economy Average

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