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Player Profile for Ali Hales (Boomer)

In many ways, Ali Hales (like Stalinist Russia) is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma: whilst affecting the most Anglo Saxon of outlooks, he is bundled together in a rag tag, flame haired Celtic package. (Some might say that he has a ginger mop; he wears the assurance of a man who’s used the phrase Martinique Sunset to describe his own thatch.)
Equally, for a man of such learning, Dr Hales wears his intelligence with the lightest of touches.
But enough of the frippery of outward appearance, or indeed of intellect – what of his cricketing prowess? How has he arrived at the nickname ‘Boomer’? How has he arrived at the nickname ‘Dave’? No one knows, fewer care.
Boomer’s batting is perhaps best described as languid, lassiez-faire. Like an over generous medieval monarch he allows opposition bowlers almost completely unfettered access to his castle. Or should that read ‘grubby fairground attendant’? - “Roll up, roll up” he cries, “pick a stump, any stump”.

Fun fact: Dave Hales has the highest calf width to height ratio of all East Meon players.

But perhaps the greatest thing of note is his highly inventive wagon wheel. Hales has come to own a 30 degree sector of the outfield between long stop and fine leg: Dilshan may have the ‘Dilscoop’, Tillikaratne Hales has the ‘Davescoop’. Dilshan has developed this masterful flick through hours of practice and the honing of precise motor skills, Boomer has developed it through watching Melvyn Dowlen shovel shit. That said, he managed to shovel his way to an unlikely half century in recent years.

Fun fact: Ali Hales is a near anagram of ‘all is shit’.

Does the lad bowl? Sort of, but it defies either description or note.

Batting average from 2010 to 2019 (10 Seasons)

Innings No. Times Not Out Runs Scored Highest Score Average
26313751 (2013)6

Bowling average from 2010 to 2019 (10 Seasons)

No. Overs Bowled Maidens Runs Conceded Wickets Economy Average

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