East Meon Cricket Club

The Pavilion Appeal has to date raised £28,000.
This includes a contribution from the Tosdevine family and money set aside from EMPC.
The club itself has so far raised in the order of £14,000.

Current Pavilion
Current pavilion

The Need For a New Pavilion

The present wooden structure (at left) was provided by the Parish Council over 50 years ago. It is getting to the end of its useful life with a number of problems including: woodworm; subsidence; a leaking roof; and rotten window frames. It is very small and cramped, there are no showers or washing facilities, and tea preparation is difficult. The present level of cricket, and the sides that are welcomed as visitors deserve something better.

Proposed Pavilion
Proposed new pavilion

The Proposal

The company we are looking at to supply the new building is Passmores. We have made considerable efforts to find a company that both produced a building in keeping with the cricket ground and the village and at a cost we felt we could meet. They come highly recommended and we have visited two Passmoresí buildings of a similar type to that we have in mind and they certainly appear to be both aesthetically pleasing and of good quality.

While at the two sites, we have talked to the clubs involved, who have both been very positive about the manufacturer and how they were to deal with. We propose that the new building would be positioned closer to the fence and to the left (as viewed from the front) of the old pavilion.

This would allow for a bigger boundary, an improved view from the pavilion and the enhanced appearance of the recreation ground.

The building we are looking at is somewhat larger than the present structure and would allow space for showers and a secure equipment store.

We Suggest a Three Phase Project

Phase 1:
As soon as possible so as to be available for coming season. Removal of up to three of the chestnut trees and the siting of three replacement trees down by the play area as marked on the aerial photo. Construction of a new concrete pad to replace the current one for the practice net which has cracked and produces uneven bounce. This would be placed as shown in green on aerial photograph. It might necessitate moving or replacing the current Jubilee/Millennium oak which has a diseased top already. This work is included in Ron Hunt’s quote for groundwork and plumbing.
Note: This phase has now been completed. Permission has been granted to remove the current Jubilee/Millennium oak and replace it with a new oak tree in a different location.

Phase 2:
Building of new pavilion. Proposed site should not impact on view from thatched cottages across the road.

Phase 3.
Removal of old pavilion.

Video of Removal of Old Pavillion

Video 1
Video 2

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